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Akili Ramsess has suffered a devastating loss
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Akili Ramsess has suffered a devastating loss

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Akili Ramsess, a dear friend and colleague to so many, lost her eldest son, the beautiful and talented Taraja, and two of her grandchildren - Taraja’s 13-year-old daughter Sundari and 8-week-old daughter Fujibo - in a horrific traffic accident on Oct. 31. Her 10-year-old grandson, Kisasi is on life support, continuing to fight. We are not sure what her immediate needs are, but we know there will be many. Anyone who knows Akili knows that her greatest joys are her three boys and 10 grandchildren. Her love and devotion to her family knows no limits.
We will continue to update this posting with more information as it becomes available and as Akili and her family are ready to release it. I know you share our feelings that this devastating loss is unfathomable, and we are just trying to take a first step in helping Akili down the very long road ahead. Please give what you can.