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Broke Trans Guy
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Broke Trans Guy

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Hello family and friends, My name is Dylan and i am currently transitioning from Female to Male. For those of you who dont know, this can be a very exenpensive process. There are numerous Appointments with Psycoligists you have to attend, apointments with Endocronoligists, and also the actually cost of the testosterone. There are then certain items you need to buy such as Binders, Packers, Stp devices, name change, gender changed on you birth cert etc, all of which are not cheap and then finally there is surgery. Top surgery can cost anywhere up to 10,000 and as i dont have health insurance i dont even know how i will get the money together for that when the time comes. I am asking all you of you to dig down deep into those pockets or credit cards to help me out. There is no minimun donation so even a few dollars here and there will add up. Im talking about the price of a coffee each day or your train/bus ticket. Just a few dollars a day can make a huge difference. I know you may be thinking, what do i get out of it? Well aside from knowing you are an amazing charity giving person, you will be able to see me walk around with a smile on my face. The respect from me hat you helped me on my journey. Gender Dysphoria is a mental condition that will not go away with time or pills, the medican is Testosterone and top surgery. Without that... well i just cant think what could happen. Thank you to everyone in advance. Samuel John Dillon (Dylan)