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Dan’s not done yet!
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Dan’s not done yet!

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Meet my mate Dan. He needs your help to kick a nasty cancer in the nuts & get a very important message to go viral. Bowel cancer among the under 50s is on a massive rise. Whatever your beliefs about the causes of cancer may be, that’s a fact. And it’s a fact that far too many people don’t know yet. Dan is only 32 and the last year of his life has gone like this:
  • April 2022. Went to his GP to complain of blood in his stool and loss of appetite. He was advised to see a nutritionist.
  • May 2023. Attends his local hospital A&E with severe pain in his right shoulder. That pain turns out to be caused by three massive secondary tumours on his liver, pushing against his diaphragm. The primary cancer is subsequently found in his bowel, along with five or six others, and Dan is given 6 months to live.
A slim, fit, non-drinking dude, who’s only real vice to his bowel as far as he was aware being a bit too much sugar… told that a gene switch has flicked and in a matter of months these nasty bastards have spread to such a degree that specialists he’s seen so far have given up. But here’s the thing: Dan’s not done yet. To start with, there’s the surreal drive and breath-taking determination for which he is famous among family, friends and his professional world. If there’s something in his sights that's sparks his interest, he’s like a very irritating dog with a very tasty bone, relentlessly chewing away until he’s digested every last atom – however much it may annoy those around him. If you know Dan and subscribe to the view as many do that a state of mind can help avoid or fight cancer, his brain would be at the top of your list of those strong-willed enough to beat the scariest of odds. But stronger even than his own will to live this life that he loves, is Dan’s deep concern about how easy it was to slip through the net, how little awareness there was around him that someone so young could be at risk, how fast the cancer could spread with so little warning. And most of all, he’s concerned that this could happen again, and again, and again, and again… until the voice of awareness grows strong enough among the young to ensure that they know just as much about the early detection of cancer as their elders. As you can see, Dan’s got work to do. Hard, painful, devastating work, which any of us who haven't been told we’re going to die soon could never get close to imagining. And he needs your help to get it done. Here’s how:
  • Donate now to help Dan explore his new passion… staying alive, investigating how the hell this happened and doing everything he can to make sure he’s one of the last people to miss such an aggressive cancer.
  • Share the fuck out of this link, to everyone across all your personal and professional networks… this happened to my mate, and it could happen to yours, so let’s get the message out there to as many people as we possibly can.
  Thanks in advance for anything that you do, from me and my very determined mate.