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Deegan’s Story
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Deegan’s Story

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Hi my name is Deegan Mulhall-Redpath and I am 3 years old and live in Virginia, Darwin with my Mummy (Lisa Redpath) and Daddy (Tony Mulhall). Two days before my 3rd birthday on the 27th August 2023, my Mummy and Daddy took me the doctors because Daddy found a lump on the right side of my tummy. After having bloods taken, x-ray and an ultrasound, the doctors told my mummy and daddy that I had a tumour in my liver. My Mummy and Daddy were crying, but I told them the doctor will fix my sore tummy. On my 3rd Birthday (29/8/2023) I, Mummy, Daddy and my Nan Nan went on a plane to Brisbane to see a special doctor (Oncologist) to fix my sore tummy. I had a CT scan and a biopsy done and the results came back as a Cancer Tumour called ‘Hepatoblastoma’ which is a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer originating in the liver. The doctors have been giving me some medicine (Chemotherapy) that makes me feel ‘Yucky’ but will help fix my sore tummy. The hospital helped us find somewhere to live while I am having my medicine to make me better, it is called the ‘Ronald McDonald House’ it is next to the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital and is very nice. Thankyou Ronald McDonald I have to have other medicines like antibiotics 3 days a week so that I do not develop pneumonia, as the’ Yucky’ medicine (Chemotherapy) makes me not have an immune system and I get sick easy. The financial strain on my family to pay for my medication, keep my home in Darwin and the cost of living away in Brisbane for a long time (12 months) costs a lot of money. My daddy and mummy have had to leave their jobs in Darwin to care for me so it would be very nice if you can help us through a donation big or small as every little bit helps I would like to send a BIG Thank you to you all for helping me and my family. Luv, Kisses and Hugs Deegs