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Friends of Macenzie
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Friends of Macenzie

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We hope that during the christmas period and 2014, there is access to funds for the Sach family to utillise for medical treatment, education, day to day expenses and general support for Macenzie. We also hope that Macenzie will be able to use some of the funds raised to go towards activities that create life long memories and inject happeness into her day. BIO We are friends of Macenzie Sach who is a 12 year old school girl recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on the bone of her upper arm close to the shoulder. During a basketball game on the 26th of October 2023, Macenzie experienced some soreness, thought to be a minor sporting injury. Macenzie has now been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer that affects children and young adults during development where the bone is growing quickly. Unfortunately, limb pain and/or swelling are very common in normal, active children and medical assistance is not always sought. Macenzie had X-Ray's, CT, MRI scans which revealed the tumour and Macenzie was immediately flown to Adelaide (with her parents Dave and Leonne) for treatment at a children's cancer centre that specialises in diagnosing and treating cancer - the Women's and Children's North Adelaide Hospital. She will undergo 10 weeks of chemotherapy followed by major surgery, with additional chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is an important part of Macenzie's treatment and she will have to undergo further chemotherapy and monitoring for up to a year after the surgery. Dave and Leonne want their family to be together throughout this ordeal and will pack up big sister Olivia, little brother Darcy and 'Cooper' the dog and move into Ronald McDonald House in Adelaide, just before Christmas. We are seeking financial support from friends, family and the community to assist Macenzie and her wonderful family in their time of need so they don't have to worry about finances over the Christmas period. The Sach family donates much time and energy with their involvement in community events and clubs (Basketball, Netball, Baseball). Both David and Leonne coach a number of junior teams for different codes of sport selflessly, often teams their own children are not members of. Leonne is the Pints Netball Club Coordinator which requires many hours of volunteered time and effort. It is easy to offer support to the Sach Family as they give so much of themselves to the Darwin community. It's our turn now to make sure that they stay strong together as a family and celebrate Christmas while supporting Macenzie during treatment. A lot has happened over a short period of time, and we have come together keen to provide a small financial relief for a family who are focused on Macenzie's recovery. It's the least we as a caring community can do. Darwin has always been a generous community that pulls together to get behind those less fortunate. This is an opportunity for family, friends and concerned people to be useful and have a positive contribution to the Sach's ordeal and Holiday season.