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Help Anneli Rebuild Her Life After a Devastating Accident
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Help Anneli Rebuild Her Life After a Devastating Accident

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Dear Friends, Family, and Kind Supporters, We've come together to start this fundraiser for our beloved sister, Anneli, who embarked on an incredible journey two years ago as an Au Pair in America. During this time, she not only became a part of the lives of the wonderful children she cared for but also their extended family. Anneli's boundless love for adventure led her and the kids on countless thrilling outings, from hiking to rowing and even rock climbing - they cherished every moment together. However, in July 2023, just weeks before she was due to return home to South Africa, tragedy struck. Anneli, the kids, and their spirit of adventure set out for an afternoon of rock climbing, a cherished pastime they had enjoyed many times before. But this time, something went terribly wrong, leading to a catastrophic accident. Anneli fell a shocking 40 feet, resulting in devastating injuries. Her injuries include a shattered L1 vertebrae in her lower back, broken coccyx, sternum, both ankles, elbow, and wrist. The immediate aftermath of the fall demanded two grueling 8-hour surgeries to save her spine and secure her mobility for the future. We are immensely grateful to report that she will walk again, but her road to recovery is long and arduous. Over the next 6 to 12 months, Anneli will require intensive rehabilitation, making it impossible for her to work during a significant portion of her recovery. To complicate matters, her medical insurance in South Africa had not been reinstated at the time of the accident. Consequently, she won't receive coverage for any related treatments for at least the next 12 months. To bring her back home for acute rehabilitation, we must pay for the rehab center in advance as well as medical insurance. Additionally, ongoing intensive physiotherapy will be crucial for her recovery. Her insurance in America has been exhausted, and medical bills are mounting at an alarming rate. We humbly reach out to you today, sharing Anneli's story and the immense financial burden she faces. We earnestly request your support in raising the funds she so desperately needs to regain her health and rebuild her life. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make an enormous difference in her journey to recovery and supporting her until she can work again. Please join us in helping Anneli take her first steps towards healing. Your generosity and kindness will not only aid her but also serve as a beacon of hope during this challenging time. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your support. With heartfelt gratitude, Marlize, Izanne and Gideon