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Hi my name is JEFFREY T NEWCHURCH i am here to plead the mercy of the general public as regards to this search of funds to help me in my sickness and rescue my life. That is said , i want to quickly go into detail about my illness which is eating my life up for the past 7 years now, i had been to many hospitals which lots of medications and injections had been given, my main issue is that i was involved in a brutal accident which claimed the lives of others, along the Adelaide road few years ago, approximately eaith years now, being passing through some trauma since it was my head that was hitting and having this nightmare almost all the time as i neede to under go a major surgery that involved a whole lots of funds and encouragement. At this point i am really pleading the entire public to come to my aid and even help me with the surgerry from who ever might be a medical doctor that is in the filed of brain surgery , i will really appreciate the time and every efforts that each and every one of you will put im place to bring me back to my normal life again. I will continue to try my best to lift my soul and not give up on this critical issue that i am invloved in my life. should you need to reach me at anytime you can do so by reaching on my mobile phone. As we all k new that the help that human gives to another human are only rewarded by the one and only creator of human kind, and as such what ever help anyone would render to me i have no words enough to appreciates it but i will look forward to God to bless every hand that will be giving to me as this goes on and safe my life and bringing my brain to its normality again in life like every other person out there. Thank you very much more for the reading and i hope that God will touch your heart strongly to take part in the pursuit of my life saving fund raising campaign.