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Noah is an active and supportive husband, father, friend and general good citizen. He has been together with his wife Trina for 10 years and married for just under 5 years. He is a proud father of 3 beautiful children; 6-year-old Nicholas Jr., 2-year-old Brayden and have just welcomed to this world 2-month-old Isabelle. He enjoyes taking them to playgrounds, the beach, carousel parks, amusement parks and other fun attractions. Noah also frequently supported local charities and participated in amateur recreational sports. Noah is only 27 years old. In February 2016, in a surprising and saddening turn of events, following some routine testing, Noah received a Colorectal cancer diagnosis. His cancer has also spread to the bone, including the arm, shoulder blade, ribs, hip and spine, both lumbar and thoracic. Through this, he has received numerous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. The spread of the cancer to the spine has resulted in several additional complications including vertebrectomy and laminectomy surgeries to the thoracic spine to resolve a lesion which caused a fracture to a vertebrae and was pressing on the spinal canal, causing a loss of feeling in the hands. The cancer in the lumbar spine also began resulting in nerve issues requiring hospitalization and medication additions to return lost feeling to the right leg. The most recent events developing involve the development of his body’s inability to reproduce blood cells and platelets adequately, resulting in the need for regular blood transfusions. All of the above has taken nearly all of Noah’s ability to enjoy quality time outside of the home with his wife and kids, as he has in the past. He is unable to run around the playground with the kids, he cannot endure trips and the physical demand of trips to amusement or carousel parks and partake in other activities with his wife and kids. Noah does not have the ability to take his wife out on romantic excursions or partake in recreational sports, including mountain climbing, a past-time he has shared with his Father since he was 7 years old. He has also had to make alternative arrangements to assist with care of his children and household due to his inability to contribute physically due to limitations at home. It has also resulted in a significant amount of time away from work, whether it be missed periods following surgery, missed individual days, leaving early or coming in late. Very fortunately, Noah’s employer has been very accommodating and understanding through this process. It is anticipated to be a long battle, which unfortunately due to the spread of the cancer to the bone, will never be able to be considered officially cured. Treatment may result in remission or “no evidence of disease”, but will never be fully cured. There will be continued chemotherapy, radiation and other surgeries necessary to continue to fight this battle to return Noah to his normal activities with his family. These treatments and effects of treatments have had substantial financial impact, putting their family in a difficult situation. In support of the O’Neil family, a fundraiser will be hosted to support Noah and his family. Kindly appreciate any support you are able to provide.