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Please Help 3 year old Neel Beat Brain Cancer
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Please Help 3 year old Neel Beat Brain Cancer

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Hi, I'm Neel and I'm 3 years old. My Mummy and Daddy tell me I'm very poorly cos I've got a nasty tumor growing in my head. I'm scared cos I can't see, I'm being sick and my hair's all fallen out. I'm sad cos my Mummy cries a lot and I can't play with my sister Leeah. The doctors say the badness isn't anywhere else in my body yet and they think they can make me all better. But they want to send me to a big place called America for special treatment with a ray machine called proton beam therapy. My daddy doesn't know how we will live for 3 months there cos he wont be able to work. The hospital will pay for Mummy, Daddy and me to fly and have a room they but the can't pay for my 7 year old sister and I need her to come and cuddle with me. Daddy says he wants me to see a doctor there about my eyes but that needs pennies too. Please please help me, Mummy, Daddy and Leeah to go to America together so I can fight the cancer growing in my head. My son Neel is three and half years old and is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy at Leicester Royal Infirmary after being diagnosed with RMS (rhabdomyosarcoma) a rare form of brain cancer, 7 weeks ago. Neel is at an early stage of treatment at the moment, and we have a long road ahead. Unfortunately, since diagnosis Neel has completely lost his eyesight, which as you can imagine is a terrifying experience on top of everything else he is going through. The doctors are hopeful that Neel can fight the cancer and as such we have been offered the chance to travel to a specialist clinic in America where he will receive Proton Beam Therapy which is currently not available in the uk. Whilst we are so very lucky to have this opportunity, we desperately need to raise the money for living costs while we are there (3 months or more). We also need to find the money to pay for a flight ticket for our 7 year old daughter to come with us. During our time in America I am hoping to meet with expert neurologists and ophthalmologists to see if there is any early intervention treatment that could offer us the possibility of restoring some of Neel's vision. I would be very grateful for any offer of help to assist us in our fight against this terrible disease. Thank you.