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Please Help Jen Fight Breast Cancer
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Please Help Jen Fight Breast Cancer

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The family and friends of Jen, Pauly and Ollie are uniting to raise money to help Jen fight Breast Cancer. “It’s really hard to ask for help like this, but we humbly hope that by rallying our community together we might be able to get through this tough time. Your contributions and support, no matter how big or small, will add up to make a huge difference to us.” Jen was diagnosed last October with early stage Agressive Breast Cancer. She had surgery in December, which revealed that the cancer had already spread to two lymph nodes. She then had to wean her son Ollie by January, and had to start chemotherapy in February. Chemo will continue until June, then she will undergo radiation therapy every day for 5 weeks until August.  After this she needs to be on a hormone altering drug for 5-10 years, which has many potential side effects. This situation has Pauly working more than full time while still being a dedicated Dad to Ollie.  Meanwhile, Jen is undergoing very strong chemo, being full time Mum to Ollie and still working whenever possible. Jen has been hard hit by the side effects of chemo, often struggling to get through an ordinary day and has been hospitalised with secondary infections.  To give you an idea of the intensity of the chemo, doctors have said that chemo of this strength, if given to someone in their 70's, would kill them. Jen and Pauly are so grateful for the huge amounts of support family and friends have already given, but as treatment, recovery and prevention continue far into the future, more help is needed. The funds gathered will go towards the ongoing complementary and integrative treatments Jen is undergoing in order to decrease the toxic effects of chemo, support quality of life, improve health after treatment and prevent cancer from returning.  Monthly expenses incurred by treatments and supplements are often over $1,000/month.  Funds will also help support Jen and Pauly to deal with Jen’s loss of income and all the unexpected expenses that come up along the way. Absolutely anything you give in support will be so helpful and deeply appreciated! If you would like to donate your skills (massage, naturopathy, yoga classes, DJing, trade skills, etc) or goods, we will also be organising a Silent Auction in the near future.  Please contact for information on how to get involved.