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Please help our parvo puppies (8 in ER)
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Please help our parvo puppies (8 in ER)

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It started with Goldie, a lab puppy who has been in either the vet or the emergency hospital since  Wednesday August 30 and spent two days and nights in a local vet, hospital and nighttime ER, and the next eight days at the ER in Redlands.  She is such a great girl and yet the cost  for her round the clock care that saved her life and the lives of the seven others is now over $5,000.  Since she went in, we have had seven more reach dangerous points, even with treatments and subcutaneous fluids, and they are now in the ER. Three went in yesterday, two went in on Sunday, September 3, and one went in on Wednesday the sixth and another on September 10. We are fighting for their lives, and the bill for them, you don’t even want to know but for each it’s over $300 a day. Thankfully, some other people have stepped up to help. The reason we are so afraid and are taking all these precautions is because we lost a puppy in less than four hours from first symptoms to death, and we are not taking any chances.  I will cover it all if necessary and as much as I can (one credit card is maxed out now, and another is soon to be there, and two more have some room to help but not for long).  Several people asked to help so here is the gofundme to do that. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and support. This is what Dog Rescue is all about.  If everyone I know gave five dollars even after this company takes its nickel, we could reach this mark and then some. Please share this, and help as much as you can. I hate saying that, but I’m in tears because I’m running out of credit and I don’t want to see more puppies die. We tried to reach out to other ERs, but they were full or wouldn’t take parvo  puppies.  Today, September 8, two little pups are in critical condition, two are in guarded condition, and if they will start eating, two, might be able to come home tomorrow, one after having spent over a week there. We are seeing miracles, so your prayers and positive energy can help even if you can’t spare the price of a coffee and donuts. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully you or your friends can help a little bit because a little bit together makes a lot happen. ♥️♥️. If you want to add over $100 to the account at the 24 hour vet, use “the parvo pups… Lisa, Minnie, Hendrix…”: [phone redacted].