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Please help save our twin babygirls Sofia & Eva
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Please help save our twin babygirls Sofia & Eva

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My name is Mohammad Ahmad, I'm from Lebanese mother and Egyptian father. My wife is Rita Ahmad, she is Russian. I was born and lived in Lebanon all my life, I'm 34 years old. My father left us when I was 5 years old, we don't know anything about him since that time. My mother raised us and took care of me and my siblings, she never got married after my father left her as she wanted to dedicate her whole energy to raise us. She helped us study and encouraged us at all levels until I got my Interior Architect BA degree. Lebanese government still forbids Lebanese women from extending their Lebanese citizenship to their children or even husband! They forbid her children from working or having any rights; if the government finds that someone is working in Lebanon without working permit they just depart us to our original countries which we really don't know anything about it! I don't know anything about Egypt and I never went there to live, I just went in 2019 & 2022 for a couple of days as a tourist, plus I can't officially work with my degree in Lebanon because I don't have the right to be registered at the Official Engineers Syndicate, they only allow Lebanese Engineers! That's why I did a double major, and I studied Motion Graphics and Animation, which I work with now there as a freelancer in order to live. In Lebanon we are deprived from some human rights, we don't have Social security, we can't get any kind of loans from government or Banks! We can't own a house, we can't have anything at all! I'm married, my wife is Russian, and we are living with our son in Beirut, my wife also is forbidden to work or to have rights like the residents and citizens, keeping in consideration we pay taxes and all fees for government, but without getting any benefits from the other side! I'm trying to work hard, and I'm trying to improve my life and challenge all these obstacles caused by the wrong system here! My financial situation was good, I rent a good house, I pay my fees, my son attends his school, and we were living a good life somehow, even if I work around 16 hours every day. We faced a lot of hard times, but we survived it, my wife got pregnant, she had a Twin Baby Girls, she was supposed to deliver according to our calculations between 5 and 12 November! But it suddenly happened on 23 September, my wife woke up and she was willing to go out of bed, so I was helping her at 9:30 AM, but we found a lot of water coming out from her, so I was shocked and afraid about what happened! I called her doctor and I told him what happened, he requested me to take her to a specific hospital where he deals with! I called my friends and I asked them to get ready to help me, so I took her to the hospital and the Doctor there said that he must do a C-section surgery "cesarean section", he said that it was the Babies water falling out, and we don't have a lot of time to waste! The problem was the cost of surgery at that hospital 4400$ (USD) but he also informed me that the Twins will be delivered before more than a month from the exact deliver date, and they will absolutely need a "neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)" for more than a month! And it will cost me there 500$ for each baby every day! Which means I had to pay 1000$ (USD) daily just to keep my babies alive! That doctor was actually following the pregnancy of my wife for more than 7 months! He knew that I will never be able to cover the surgery of my wife plus 1000USD for each day! He simply requested me to find another hospital and another doctor quickly, he meant look for a cheaper hospital! At that moment I was under the biggest pressure I could ever have! I don't have any Social security or Medical Insurance, I'm simply a worthless foreigner, they don't mind to see us dying without any help! I called a friend and he said that he knows a good doctor, his wife's doctor, he called her and he told her all the story, he told her that I'm not rich and I don't have any rights, and my wife was in a very dangerous position! So the doctor accepted to do a transfer and take care of my wife and my children, she accepted to do the surgery at another hospital, a hospital that she deals with! The new doctor called me and requested over the phone to transfer my wife and she said "It will all cost you 4000$ including the "neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)" regardless of how long it would take your children to get well and recover! For me, it was the best choice! I called my friend and we transferred my wife with his car, it was very painful and hard for her to be transferred! We arrived at the other hospital but the doctor hadn't arrived by then! I called her and she requested me to pass my mobile to the entrance manager "Where you should pay money before you enter the hospital, or you will die without anyone help you or touch you!" it happens like this in Lebanon. The man spoke with the doctor and passed the phone back to me, the doctor requested me to pay immediately 5000 USD just to let my wife enter the hospital! I was surprised she told me it will only cost 4000$ for the entire thing... She said, "Pay now, and later we will discuss it, I'm coming on my way to you, and I need to start with the surgery right away when I come!" I only had 3200$ so I requested them to take it and let my wife start her surgery until someone comes and brings the remaining amount of money which is 1800 USD! They refused and they say that they will not let her enter the emergency of the hospital before we pay a full 5000 USD! The world started to get darker and I insisted and begged him to just help me, promising him that I will bring the money after an hour and a half, he didn't accept, and it was impossible for us to do another transfer for my wife, we may lose her or lose our babies! I started my calls, and after more than an hour I brought for them the 5000 USD, the doctor arrived and she wanted to move her to the operation room, but they say "Sorry! We had an order from the manager of the hospital, he says that you should pay a deposit of 12000 USD instead of 5000 USD in order to let your wife in!" I lost my conscious at that moment, and we didn't believe what is going on! They wanted to kill my wife and my babies inside her! Where would any average human bring 7000 USD in a very short time without being able to save especially that the situation is not good at all in all the countries of the region; people are suffering a lot! I started to call everyone I know, for more than 3 hours, and my wife was dying and feeling the biggest pain in her life! After around 3 hours I came back to them with 7000 USD and I requested them just to save her and I will do everything to bring the needed money for them after she delivers! They rejected, and they insisted that they will not touch her or save her or do anything until I bring the full amount of money! They wanted 12000 USD. I started to scream and I felt I will have a heart attack! I begged them to let me in and take one of my kidneys, just save her and let her in! Nobody cared, they kept my wife with the biggest pain that any human can imagine, she wasn't supposed to feel that pain! All that they had to do is to make the C-Section "cesarean section", they didn't even give her antibiotic injection or anything! Just threw her without having any human sense or a heart! I called a friend of me and I requested him to pass an 8000 USD cheque, to keep it with them as a deposit and the remaining amount of 4000 USD cash, after one hour my friend passed by and I gave them the cheque and the cash, they sent her immediately to the surgery room, without even let me farewell her! She was in very dangerous situation, and they knew that they can't waste any second! After that, they told me that I should pay 700 USD basically for each baby to keep them in the "neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)" the 12000 USD was just a deposit payment! My children are in hospital since September 23, and I'm trying to bring money from everywhere just to save them! My wife is good, she suffered a lot but she went out of that hospital after three days from delivering! She is feeling since that time very depressed, for what happened and what she faced, and for being far from her twins! I feel down, I feel that I don't want to live anymore! Since that time I stopped working, just trying all the time to bring money, a lot of people need money from me, I paid until now around 18000 USD. The hospital now needs from me around 22000 USD, and my babies still need around 10-14 days to get well, they are in good condition, thank God, they are growing slowly, but they need time! I don't have any source of money now, I almost took from everyone, I tried to contact all the humanitarian NGO's and organizations, they say "We only help Lebanese", or some say "We only help refugees, and you are not one!" others say "You are not Christian, we only help Christians"! The world closed on my face, and I need to save my Twin Baby Girls! The hospital calls me every day requesting me to pay them the money, they threaten me they will stop the important scans and analysis for babies if I do not pay! By the name of humanity help me and save my babies. I did and published many videos on my personal Facebook page, it is in the Arabic language, I received support and many people shared my videos, some people helped with little amounts of money, but it actually covered 6 days for my children at the hospital. It doesn't matter how much you will be able to give or donate, believe me, it will make a difference for me. I ask God to never let any of you face what I faced! I'm also seeking to migrate out from Lebanon and move to a country where I can be treated with my family as humans, if anyone can help me with this, I will be glad for all my life. My Facebook page link: Mohammad Ahmed