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URGENT Medical Bills and Food for Armenian Woman
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URGENT Medical Bills and Food for Armenian Woman

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TIME SENSITIVE this is funding for my friend. She has been struggling with financial matters and health issues for a long time as she receives no support from her parents and this year, she had to drop out of studying medicine due to being unable to afford tuition fees. Most of her money goes to try to treat her health issues as she has an autoimmune disease with chronic pain and kidney stones. In December of 2021 blood in her urine started appearing. She also has had concerning weight fluctuations despite barely being able to eat, debilitating fatigue, and has developed a prominent rash but has no money for medical screening. She has insulin resistance and is (at least pre)diabetic. Because of her weight change she barely has clothes to wear and only one pair of winter shoes. She has been working minimum wage jobs to try make basic ends meet, but because of the war she can't find work and medicine prices have skyrocketed. This fund is to help her with food, clothes, and medicine and support her to finish her degree and be self-supporting. Anything at all helps. Please give what you can spare and share this widely.