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Junaid had a successful Cochlear Implant Surgery

Junaid had a successful Cochlear Implant Surgery

Muhammad Junaid’s Story

Eight-year-old Junaid, a resident of Bahawalnagar, has spent his entire life in a world of silence as he was born with sensorineural hearing loss. This condition has limited his ability to experience the joys of sound and communication. Recognizing their son’s struggle, his parents sought medical help, which led them to a crucial turning point in their journey. After careful evaluation, the doctors concluded that Junaid needed cochlear implant surgery to restore his hearing.

But this life-changing surgery costs a lot of money, and Junaid’s family seemed to have no means of paying for it. In their time of desperation, they reached out to Transparent Hands, an organization that thrives on the collective compassion of its supporters. Through their efforts, Junaid was admitted to the National Hospital and Medical Center, Lahore, where Dr. Naveed Aslam performed the cochlear implant surgery on 3-6-2023. The operation was a success, with the internal component of the implant being fixed, and Junaid was discharged after a day in the hospital.

But this was just the beginning of Junaid’s journey toward complete restoration of his hearing ability. After a few weeks, the external component of the cochlear implant was also successfully implanted, paving the way for a world filled with sounds and voices for Junaid. With the cochlear implant serving as a bridge to the realm of sound, Junaid’s future now holds endless possibilities.

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Junaid will be able to get through the next steps with the help of committed speech therapists who will help him learn how to talk and understand what other people say. Now that he can hear, he will be able to not only recognize different sounds but also enjoy the beauty and complexity of speech.

The cost of this life-changing surgery was far beyond what Junaid’s family could afford, but thanks to the unwavering support of Transparent Hands and the incredible generosity of donors like yourself, his dream became a reality.


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