Nazia Delivered a Healthy Baby

Nazia Qamar ‘s Story

Nazia, a 32-year-old resident of Lahore and a mother of three, eagerly awaited the arrival of her fourth child. However, due to her previous C-section deliveries, her pregnancy posed certain risks that required careful consideration. Seeking the best medical advice, she visited a local hospital for a checkup during her seventh month.

Taking into account Nazia’s medical history and current circumstances, the experienced gynecologist advised her to undergo another Lower Segment C-section for the safe delivery of her baby. Nazia agreed to the recommended procedure because she recognized the importance of prioritizing her health and the well-being of her unborn child. Due to her limited financial resources, she was unable to pay for the surgery. She requested financial support from Transparent Hands.

Nazia was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where the skilled hands of Dr. Rakhshanda performed the C-section on 29-05-2023. Nazia successfully delivered a healthy baby, bringing her family great joy. Both mother and child were deemed healthy and prepared to start their new journey together after three days of thorough postnatal care and monitoring.

Nazia extends her heartfelt gratitude to Confiz Limited,  Madihullah Riaz, and all the other donors who selflessly contributed to her medical expenses. The financial help received from these compassionate donors not only eased the burden of medical expenses for Nazia but also provided her with the necessary resources to receive high-quality healthcare.

Nazia cherishes the profound impact that the donors’ support had on her journey, as it transformed what could have been a time of anxiety and uncertainty into a period of hope and joy. Their selflessness has created a lasting ripple of happiness, not only in Nazia’s life but also in the lives of her family members, who now celebrate the arrival of a healthy baby as a new addition to their lives. Donate Now to help more awaiting mothers like Nazia.

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