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Send a South Sudanese Orphan to School for 1 Year

Send a South Sudanese Orphan to School for 1 Year

Gabriel was three years old when his village in South Sudan was attacked and he lost both of his parents. While he was in a state of hopelessness, his story reached a group of people in Texas who committed to fully fund his schooling, and his new life began with fresh hopefulness. Today, he is a graduate of Moi University and has committed his life to bringing the same hope he was given to today’s South Sudanese orphans by providing them with the invaluable gift of education.

South Sudan has been in a state of civil war and political unrest for many years. Fighting has left villages and families torn apart and left countless children without parents. These orphans are left with nobody to care for their basic needs, including education. These children are vulnerable to risks including child labor, abduction, sexual violence, and recruitment into armed groups. Support and Educate South Sudanese Orphans (SESSO) provides sponsorship for the education of these orphans.

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The sponsorship SESSO provides to South Sudanese orphans includes covering the full cost of their education, including tuition, school fees, uniforms, and school supplies. In addition, a SESSO volunteer is assigned to each child to serve as the child’s guardian representative for school purposes; including attending teacher conferences, receiving grade reports, and ensuring that the student has all of the resources necessary to successfully complete their year of school.

For every $675 raised, one more South Sudanese orphan will receive another full school year of education. The gift of a quality education will give these orphans hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and afford them an opportunity to rise out of poverty and have a chance at a better future for themselves, and for their country.