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Yes, all kinds of services that we provide are 100% free whether it is medical procedure, surgery or treatment in medical camp.

Yes, our medical camps are 100% free of cost. We don’t charge a single penny from any of our patients for any facility provided in the camp.

Transparent Hands and its medical partners ensure that patient’s data is handled carefully and no information is given to the third party without their consent. Also, upon request, patient’s details (picture, contact info and
disease details) are kept confidential in some cases. Nothing is published on the website without the written consent of the patient.

Our hospitals conduct the treatment of those patients who are in serious condition after the registration and cannot wait any longer. After providing the required treatment, we pay the hospital’s bills once we receive the funds.

If the treatment amount decreases, your remaining donation would be allocated to the other patient’s case and you’ll be informed about it. In case, if the amount increases due to certain emergency during the treatment, the amount of
campaign will also increase.

You may request that your donation be used by Transparent Hands to fund a particular campaign but sometimes due to certain restrictions, Transparent Hands cannot guarantee that your request will be honored in each and every case.

If you have any question or concern that wasn’t answered here, please send us an email to One of our team members will respond to you at earliest.

Transparent Soul Foundation funds healthcare projects in developing countries. The initial focus of the Foundation is on helping the underprivileged community of Pakistan. In order to ensure the money raised in the U.S. is properly
dispersed to those in need, Transparent Hands Foundation US works closely with the Pakistani-based non-profit called Transparent Hands Trust which provides free healthcare facilities to the needy people.

We provide free medical checkup facility, free medicines, free blood pressure and blood sugar checkup facility and free diagnostic tests facility in our medical camps.

Transparent Hands deducts 15% of the total amount on each campaign which covers 7.5% of web development & 7.5% administrative expenses.

We only publish the approximate amount required for medical or surgical treatment. The amount may vary according to the condition of the patient during or after the treatment. For example, sometimes a patient may require another
test or treatment due to some complications during the surgery/medical procedure which may increase the cost.

We upload all the medical documents including bills and reports on our web site which ensures that the patient has gone through an additional particular procedure and required more funds. Donors can only see the documents of the
patients to whom they have donated.

It’s totally up to you. You can pay any amount of your choice or fund the whole campaign.

Banks may decline your card for a number of reasons. To ensure the safety of your financial information, Transparent Hands doesn’t receive any details about your card and why it was declined. Therefore, if your card is declined for
any reason, please contact your card provider for further assistance.

Transparent Hands takes donors’ security very seriously and it makes sure that your payment information is secured whenever you donate through our system. Your debit/credit card information is not saved with us but only with your
associated banks. When you donate to us from outside of Pakistan, your
financial information is managed by STRIPE, which is a globally trusted online payment company.

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