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My daughter’s condition caused her constant discomfort. And it had so many future implications that it worried us non-stop. We just didn’t know how to get her the necessary medical help. We have no resources, we don’t even own a house. When Transparent Soul came to our aid, it felt like a huge burden had been lifted off our shoulders. So many donors came to my daughter’s aid. Her corrective surgery was done with your help and we are grateful.

Noor Fatima

Rectovestibular Fistula (RVF)

I enjoy my science class since they teach us new stuff every day. I hated having to skip class when I was unwell. My mother and I were pleased when we learned that Transparent Soul would pay for my operation. I’d want to thank everyone who contributed to our cause. I am finally able to return to class and learn new things. I definitely want to perform well in school so that I can one day be a doctor and assist people!

Rohit Shahzad

Left Inguinal Hernia

I consider myself fortunate to be a member of a cause devoted to assisting those in need. They are ensuring that every patient receives the correct care and treatment without regard to class through intensive care and the assistance of medical specialists.

Dr. Farman

Ittefaq Hospital Lahore

Transparent Soul is really working transparently for poor patients. We all should hold the hands of Transparent Hands and make a worldwide strong chain of hands for Humanity.

Dr. Mazhar

Zainab Memorial Hospital

Unfortunately, our country has a high level of poverty, which makes it difficult for the average person to pay expensive medical care. Transparent Soul has become a blessing in disguise for underprivileged people who require surgical procedures in such a dire scenario. Transparent Soul has performed hundreds of free operations and will continue to do so. I feel our country should have many more groups like this. Transparent Soul’ degree of transparency should be emulated by all other non-governmental organizations. They are offering free surgical therapy to our country’s future children and adults under the age of 60 who are caring for large families. I make an appeal to those who are rich to contribute towards this noble cause so that this idea gets encouragement and many more people who cannot afford surgical treatment can benefit from it.

Dr Khursheed

Zainab Memorial Hospital

High marks for a platform that restores confidence in the internet.

In your hour of need, this is an excellent platform. Things I enjoy,

– A wide range of currencies are available on the site.

– Simple to set up. You may begin funding in less than 5 minutes.

– Payment processors

– It is simple to spread your campaign via Facebook and email.


One thing I couldn’t locate and would want is for backers to include images in their comments. A nice touch for funerals and memorials.

Transparent Soul deserves praise for using the power of the internet to bring good in the globe.


Craig Michaels

Construction manager

My business partner and I raised over $20,000 for…

My business partner and I raised almost $20,000 for emergency medical needs. As time passed, funds were made available via Stripe. The flexibility to create numerous payment alternatives, several languages, and a deadline was quite helpful. Some other sites do not offer a deadline option, which was critical for us because the situation was urgent. Thank you for your assistance, team. GGF


Bal Singh Sandhu


Their website appears to be legitimate and professional, and I have seen several successful campaigns.

I’m also organizing a Transparent Soul campaign to help local locals buy refreshments; regrettably, no donations have yet been received via the site. Our church is doing everything it can to donate food packs, but it can only feed a few people. I would be grateful if anyone could post the link on any social media in case he or she is unable to give. Thank you in advance for your kindness.


Athenkosi Mahluko


I’ve spent the entire day attempting to contact the Transparent Soul staff. We are overjoyed that we were able to raise monies from South Africa and deposit them into our account. The main issue we’re having today is that the monies are taking longer than planned to deposit into the account. We’d want to switch our payment method to PayPal, but we’re having trouble doing so, and our graduation project starts on Saturday AM. Please assist, as we require this as soon as possible.


Fezile Goba

Media assistant

My expenses as a student

I feel that as a student, I will be able to obtain my expenses through this platform, not only for expenses but also for the start-up.