Noor Fatima

My daughter’s condition caused her constant discomfort. And it had so many future implications that it worried us non-stop. We just didn’t know how to get her the necessary medical … Read more

Rohit Shahzad

I enjoy my science class since they teach us new stuff every day. I hated having to skip class when I was unwell. My mother and I were pleased when … Read more

Dr. Farman

I consider myself fortunate to be a member of a cause devoted to assisting those in need. They are ensuring that every patient receives the correct care and treatment without … Read more

Dr. Mazhar

Transparent Soul is really working transparently for poor patients. We all should hold the hands of Transparent Hands and make a worldwide strong chain of hands for Humanity.

Dr Khursheed

Unfortunately, our country has a high level of poverty, which makes it difficult for the average person to pay expensive medical care. Transparent Soul has become a blessing in disguise … Read more

Craig Michaels

High marks for a platform that restores confidence in the internet. In your hour of need, this is an excellent platform. Things I enjoy, – A wide range of currencies … Read more

Bal Singh Sandhu

My business partner and I raised over $20,000 for… My business partner and I raised almost $20,000 for emergency medical needs. As time passed, funds were made available via Stripe. … Read more

Athenkosi Mahluko

Their website appears to be legitimate and professional, and I have seen several successful campaigns. I’m also organizing a Transparent Soul campaign to help local locals buy refreshments; regrettably, no … Read more

Fezile Goba

I’ve spent the entire day attempting to contact the Transparent Soul staff. We are overjoyed that we were able to raise monies from South Africa and deposit them into our … Read more

Easywpnet Tutorials

My expenses as a student I feel that as a student, I will be able to obtain my expenses through this platform, not only for expenses but also for the … Read more