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Natalyah Emily Needs Emergency Spine Surgery
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Natalyah Emily Needs Emergency Spine Surgery

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Hi, my name is Natalyah Grace and I recently moved out I'm saving money to get my own house so I can have a personal place of my own and I want to start my own photography business to create a fun and awesome way to have fun and do what I love which is taking pictures and creating memories for myself and other people! I am doing this so I can have a fresh start in life as an adult and get past everything that happened in my life!
I have a type of dwarfism called Diastrophic Dysplasia, which is a form of dwarfism that has many serious issues that often require surgery. I'll likely have to have major spine surgery and even more surgery on my legs.
The costs associated with these surgeries are in excess of $5,500 because the specialist does not accept my medical insurance. The first treatment I need is to have my spine corrected as if I leave it too long it could lead to paralysis and incontinence.
I would like to make enough to at least put a deposit on my own place and start a business to start earning some money so I can start saving for this expensive treatment, however, if I reach my goal I will be able to put that towards the treatment I require to give me a better chance at getting enough to cover it. I also need to get a lawyer to get my papers I need to get my ID so I can be able to do everything I need to do that involves an ID!
To all who have stuck by me through all of this, I cannot thank you enough! I love y'all ❤️