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Save Avani’s Life Her body is covered in blisters – instead of helping, people have isolated Her
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Save Avani’s Life Her body is covered in blisters – instead of helping, people have isolated Her

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Urgent: This little one suffers from a rare skin disease that causes large, fluid-filled blisters and requires urgent treatment.

My heart aches as I watch my precious daughter suffer, her innocent eyes reflecting the pain she endures. He is only six months old, and yet, life has burdened him with more pain than it should bear. I still remember the day she came into this world, a bundle of joy and promise. Her smile was like music, a melody that filled our house with pure happiness. But now, her delicate body is marred by cruel blisters that torment her constantly. He was diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid, a rare skin condition that causes large, fluid-filled blisters. They develop in areas like the lower abdomen, upper thighs and armpits.

Her condition has robbed her of peaceful sleep and something as simple as nursing

"As a father, my heart breaks with every tear she sheds, with every restless night she endures. I see her body covered in blisters that belie her tender age, spreading like a cruel wildfire. I can only imagine that she is Experiencing excruciating itching, the way it robs her of her peaceful sleep. Even something as simple as breastfeeding becomes a battle for her, as blisters make it painful for her to nurse." - Karttik Mullik

People refuse to come to him or us and refuse help

In the beginning, our friends and neighbors flocked to play with him, fascinated by his innocence. But now, their smiles have turned to uneasy glances, their warm embrace replaced by distance. They fear that the condition may be contagious, but my wife and I stand as living proof that it is not. We stood by him, shared his pain, yet the world turned its back on him.
“What did my little baby do to deserve this? He hasn't learned to walk or talk yet…and people have already isolated him. He deserves kindness, not indifference.” – Karttik Mullik, tearfully.

They spent their last penny to save him…

We embarked on a desperate journey, consulting doctors far and wide, searching for a cure that remained elusive. Placing our hopes in the hands of a renowned doctor, we traveled to Ranchi. Although there were moments of relief, the blisters returned with a new vengeance. And with each passing day, our hope fades in the harsh reality of our financial limitations.
“I toil as a common farmer, every rupee I earn is proof of my dedication. But these blisters, they consumed every bit of my savings, leaving me with a heavy heart of helplessness. The prescribed treatments—detailed evaluation, dermatology, immunology, genetics and even surgery—are a distant dream, a mountain of $11500 that I cannot measure. Please help me before I lose my baby girl forever.” - Karttik Mullik
I beg for a helping hand for compassion to bridge the gap between my love and her healing. Because, deep in my heart, I know that my daughter's smile is worth the world. The child's identity is protected in accordance with government guidelines.