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Our Baby Hayden’s life depends on you – Epidermolysis Bullosa – Baby Blister
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Our Baby Hayden’s life depends on you – Epidermolysis Bullosa – Baby Blister

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Epidermolysis bullosa is very common and only affects approximately one in 50,000 people! The condition increases the risk of skin cancer. And sufferers' life expectancy is just 30 years. The Little Girl has paper skin! Hayden suffers from epidermolysis bullosa, which makes his skin very Fragile. As the rubbing of his clothes easily wound her and caused her skin to blister and bleed, Her condition was known as butterfly disease. Because even the slightest touch could break her skin, Hayden's parents spend an hour and a half each day. Wrapping her in bandages and doing simple activities such as playing with toys or picking up her bottle can cause her to have a horrible blister. There is no cure for epidermolysis bullosa, and treatment only focuses on relieving symptoms. 'Eating is a big problem. She has to stay away from most foods. Because they tear up her esophagus. We spend an hour and a half removing her bandages and putting on new ones daily. No baby blister Note: Thank you for saving our EB Blistering Skin Disease and Medical Special Needs babies from pain and death! Your tax-deductible donations help buy life-saving bandages and pain medicines for immediate relief! We want to help all 500,000 babies suffering from EB pain, so if God puts it on your heart to donate it will help them NEVER run out of critical medical supplies. Their parents will be so grateful. SADLY, we are the only charity helping our babies so your donations are life-saving. You are their only hope, so please keep praying, inviting, and sharing other awesome humans like yourself to this fundraiser. Because our No Baby Blisters staff is made entirely of volunteer doctors and staff who are working to find a full-body cure for this horrible disease, you can be assured your donation will go towards relieving the suffering of those who have EB and finding a full-body cure under our Fast Cure Plan!

Thank You For NEVER Letting Our Babies Run Out Of Life-Saving Pain Medicines, Bandages, And Surgeries!