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my name is Mariela Barrera. I was bed-bound for three years, diagnosed with a chronic illness and my life completely spiraled.
In January 2024, I started having so much pain throughout my body. Within a month I went from 137 lbs to 110 lbs, being 4’9 which was a lot for my body. I wasn’t sure what was going on because I was barely eating. The pain in my body compared nothing to the pain in my head. From 2021- to December 2023 I lived with that pain every single day. I didn’t look like myself and I just wasn’t myself. I finally got the right diagnosis and after one month of treatment for an autoimmune illness (especially inflammation), I was able to lose all that weight I had gained and more. Ever since then, I have kept losing weight :
  Since I got sick I started getting infections in all areas of my body, I simply don’t have the defenses to fight those off. The worst infection of them all was SIBO and lucky I got all three types Hydrogen, Methane, and Hydrogen Sulfide. In 2023 I started having anaphylactic reactions to everything. I was scared to even take a bite of something because of how sick it made me. I went to Florida by myself in August 2023 and had some lemon water that sent me straight to the hospital. That’s when my body shut down. Ever since then, I had to keep a 35-hour period between the little bites of food I am able to hold down.
I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation caused by Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), along with Muscle pain, Weakness, constant Fainting, Malnutrition, Vitamin deficiency, Extreme cold in the bones, Anxiety, Dizziness,  Bloating, irregular heart rate, and low blood pressure. The worst is that all this comes with eating. I’ve been battling this illness since 2018. I keep ending up in the hospital due to fainting and low blood pressure. It has obviously caused so many problems in my body my organs failing, congested heart, muscle pain, weakness, and so many other symptoms. I’m so shaky and weak.
    I was diagnosed with esophagitis esophagitis, a chronic illness. Severe esophagitis esophagitis has really impacted my quality of life. I haven’t had all the medication and treatments that I need ever since I got diagnosed due to the lack of funds. Over two years my body has gotten extremely weak and fainting is just part of my every day now. I know if I can get the right treatment and all the medications, I can get back on my feet. Mentally I am really strong and I totally got this but physically my body has given up.
This is a chronic illness, something I have to live with for life but I’m happy to be alive. Absolutely Anything helps, thank you for caring enough to read my story. My life goal was always to be a dancer now my goal is simply to be able to live and maintain myself healthy and no I won’t be able to eat yummy foods It gotta be plant-based or whatever but I’ll learn to enjoy it all.