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Help Brody Beat Cancer
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Help Brody Beat Cancer

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Dear Friends, I have had amazing support from you to care for others these last few months but now I need help to care for my own. Everyone who has met Brody knows just how amazing he is. He is my best friend and family all combined into one. I found out this week he has cancer and has to have the lump removed immediately. This of course is not something I had planned for so if you can help with the cost of surgery in anyway I would appreciate it. The total cost is $950 dollars so I am setting that as the goal. I am very lucky to have his foster mom work at the veterinarian and they personally know the Brodster. Below is the letter I wrote to him went I left for Africa. I cannot wait to see his face next week and have many many years with my four legged friend. Dear Brody, Today is my last day with you for a long while. You will not understand why you do not see my face anymore but I hope you know how much I love you. Four years ago when I went to get a puppy I had no idea about the sort of impact you would have in my life. There were the beginning years when you chewed things and didn’t quite know how to “behave”. Those days seemed liked they’d never end but we grew together you with obedience and me with patience.   All of these years you have been the most constant thing in my life. Through numerous break ups, two miscarriages and the death of my mom you were there. You give me so much love, unconditional love and ask nothing in return except for me to love you back. And I do, I love you so so so much and today my heart breaks a little at having to leave you but I know you will be there waiting for me on the other side of this incredible journey I am about to take.  Till the next day we are together please know that I miss you every moment of every day from now till then. Be a good boy for Cydney we are both so blessed to have found her and I am peace knowing you are in good hands.  Love, Mom