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Help Save Oscar the Gravel Eating Weanie
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Help Save Oscar the Gravel Eating Weanie

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Hello All. My name is Amanda. Over the weekend I took my loveable old weanie dog to a camping event in Bonney Lake Washington. For those of you who were there you'll remember him as the long nosed white faced pooch who managed to find his way into the middle of everything despite my best efforts to keep him under the warm blankets. While there he managed to find some yummy bacon grease covered gravel and proceeded to eat every last piece. This Fundraiser is to help pay for the lifesaving surgery to remove over a pound of gravel from his stomach before it kills him. The original exam and xrays were estimated at $250. The estimate for the surgery is just under $1500 plus medications for post op. Help keep this old sea dog around for another few years and save his human parents from having to make a horrible choice due to lack of finances.


Yes, around noon on Wednesday I was forced to increase the amount needed. Oscar is not yet stable and needs additional medications. We are pushing the two grand mark already and that does not include any additional services needed to stabilize him or the pain meds/aftercare needed to take home with him should he get to come home at all. The expense is well beyond our reach at this point and again we are at a loss for what to do. We just want our baby home happy and healthy.