Feeding America: No One Should Go Hungry on Our Watch

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*The Unseen Hunger in a Land of Plenty*

It’s easy to assume hunger is a problem far away. Yet, the shocking reality is that millions of Americans struggle with hunger every day:

* *Poverty’s Shadow:* Over 38 million Americans live in poverty, making impossible choices between food, housing, and other basic needs.
* *Hunger’s Toll:* Approximately 10.5 million households in the US experience food insecurity. This means they lack consistent access to the food they need for a healthy, active life.
* *Children at Risk:* 1 in 6 children face hunger, jeopardizing their development, their ability to learn, and their dreams for the future.
* *The Working Poor:* Millions of Americans work hard but still can’t afford enough food. Rising costs have worsened their situation and pushed more families to the brink.
* *Hidden Homelessness:* Over half a million Americans experience homelessness on any given night, with many more precariously housed and at risk of food insecurity.

*Your Donation: A Plate Filled, Hope Restored*

Your support will have a direct and powerful impact:

* *Emergency Relief:* Providing nutritious meals to families struggling through tough times, bridging the gap between hunger and hope.
* *Childhood Nutrition:* Investing in school meal programs and afterschool initiatives to ensure no child goes to bed hungry or tries to learn on an empty stomach.
* *Support for Seniors:* Expanding food access for elderly Americans who often choose between food and medicine on limited budgets.
* *Tackling Root Causes:* Advocating for policies that address poverty and food insecurity, working towards a future where no American worries about their next meal.

*The Faces of Hunger*

Meet Sarah, a single mom working two jobs but still skipping meals to stretch her budget so her kids can eat. Meet John, a retired veteran on a fixed income who can’t afford both his medication and nutritious food. Meet countless others who hide their struggle. Hunger doesn’t discriminate – it affects people from all walks of life.

*Hunger by the Numbers [Infographic]*

Include a brief, visually engaging infographic that highlights your state and local hunger statistics

*Why Your Help is Critical*