4 Tips for Choosing Your Fundraiser Image

Photos can tell your story, spark compassion, and inspire action. Adding compelling photos to your fundraiser page is a great way to draw potential donors’ eyes to your fundraiser. These tips will help you select photos that will help your Transparent Soul reach its goal.

Here are 5 tips for selecting photos for your fundraiser:

1. Choose clear, compelling photos

Clear, focused, and well-lit pictures help inspire connection. Make sure your featured image clearly shows who you’re raising funds for. Your cover photo should give a sense of your story. For example, if you’re raising money to help a friend with medical expenses, a clear photo of them smiling or doing something they love can encourage an emotional connection with donors. Consider these additional tips:

  • The recommended main photo size is 720 x 405 pixels or higher.
  • Transparent Soul and most social media platforms display pictures horizontally, so it’s best to use landscape photos.

2. Pick photos that inspire an emotional connection

Whether you’re fundraising for yourself, someone you know, or a nonprofit, it’s beneficial to choose photos that will connect with others and get them to care about your cause.

  • We know it’s difficult to be vulnerable, especially when asking for help, but sharing honest and real pictures can help potential donors connect and empathize with your story.
  • Things to look for when choosing photos that will form an emotional connection: people helping one another, an individual looking into the camera, kind and open facial expressions, and individuals carrying out actions linked to your cause.
  • It may be that you’re raising money for an inherently emotional life event like a medical emergency. In these cases, we recommend including a photo of the beneficiary doing something they love as the main photo, as well as photos that show their current state like them in a hospital bed–those can be added in the story.

3. Add photos to your fundraiser updates

Photos can be used in your fundraiser updates to better tell your story and keep donors informed. Sharing updates is a great way to inspire donors as your fundraiser gains traction. If you’re halfway, try posting a photo holding a thank you sign for your donors. If you’re fundraising for a specific event, post photos of the moments. For tips on how to add photos, check out this help center article.

4. It’s ok to change your photo

If you find another photo that better represents what you are fundraising for, you can always change it. Keep in mind that changing your main fundraiser photo too often may confuse donors who might be coming back to your fundraiser. If you have multiple photos you wish to highlight, consider adding them to your fundraiser updates. For help uploading photos to your Transparent Soul, check out this help center article.

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