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Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser Online

Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser Online

Online sharing is one of the easiest ways to make Crowdfunding work for you. If you’re active on social media networks, sharing your fundraiser on those platforms can certainly help you with crowdfunding—but there are other strategies and tactics specific to crowdfunding that can really help you get the most from your efforts. Promoting your fundraiser online starts with making a great fundraiser page and then planning out a strategy to spread the word about your cause. These tips will help you spread the word about your fundraiser.

Tips for promoting your Transparent Soul online:

The story section of your crowdfunding fundraiser page (which serves as your proposal) needs to include key information that informs supporters and inspires them to donate. Through photos, video, and good storytelling, you can inspire trust and encourage people to take action. Here are some additional tips on writing a funding proposal for a nonprofit organization or other group:

1. Ensure your fundraiser description is ready

Why are you raising money? How will the funds be used? The more details you can provide, the more it will help potential donors feel ready to donate.

2. Be specific with your ask

People want to see their donations as significant and important. How exactly does your cause make a difference? What change will you make in people’s lives? What specific steps will this money allow your organization to take?

3. Share regularly

One of the best ways to find success promoting your fundraiser online is to do so regularly. Try carving out at least 10 minutes per day to share your fundraiser on your social media networks, via email, or asking friends or family to help you in sharing your fundraiser. Find more tips on sharing your fundraiser.

4. Use photos or video

Before making a donation, people need to empathize with your cause. Encourage empathy by including stories and photos of people (including yourself, if appropriate) who will be helped by their generosity. It can be easy for people to ignore a request for money, but harder to ignore a personal plea. Be sure to explain who you are and why you’re dedicated to raising support for your cause. Use this introduction to build trust and convey your sincere commitment to the issue at hand.

5. Ask friends and family to share on your behalf

Your friends and family are great resources for spreading the news. Ask if they would consider sharing your fundraiser with their social media networks. Their networks will allow your fundraiser to be seen by even more potential donors.

6. Send an email

Email is a great way to personalize your ask. Try sending a message to your email contacts. Explain why you’re fundraising, and ask if they would consider donating. Email is a great way to personalize your ask and include the link to your fundraiser as an easy way for them to donate.


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