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Gaza Emergency Appeal | Palestine needs your Mercy
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Gaza Emergency Appeal | Palestine needs your Mercy

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Please Donate as much as you can, Palestine needs your mercy now.

More than 700,000 people have fled their homes with nowhere to go. So far, more than 10,597 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the Second Intifada in September 2000. Of these, 1,962 were minors and 712 were women. Human Appeal is on the ground and will remain a lifeline for Palestinian families. Please give generously today.

The vast majority of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces were unarmed civilians. The most common causes of death were shootings, artillery strikes, and airstrikes.

The Israeli government has justified the killings of Palestinians by claiming that they were necessary to defend Israel from terrorism. However, human rights groups have accused Israel of using excessive force and of targeting civilians.

The killing of Palestinians by Israeli forces is a serious human rights issue. It is important to remember that every life is precious and that no one should be killed without due process of law.

Palestinians in crisis

In the last few days,  10,597 Palestinians have been killed. In one case, 19 people from one family were killed in a single strike.

A complete siege has been ordered, which will completely cut off food, fuel, and electricity for 2.3 million people. Supermarket shelves are being emptied as people fear the worst. A staggering 700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes but have nowhere to go as shelling continues day and night.

Innocent civilians are facing relentless and devastating attacks. They urgently need help to access food, healthcare, and medical supplies.

The problems we are Facing

The electricity supply to Gaza has been cut, plunging overcrowded hospitals into chaos. Even before this escalation, families faced extreme difficulty in accessing enough food and water; 97% of the water here is too contaminated to drink. A Palestinian hospital and ambulance were struck by separate bombings; schools have been closed; and morgues have run out of space, forced to store bodies on the floor. The tens of thousands of families who have been forced to abandon their homes due to the violence head to the closed schools to seek shelter.
  • Palestinian families who have fled their homes without food or their belongings urgently need your support.
  • Injured patients who are in overcrowded hospitals without enough fuel to keep the generators working urgently need your support.
  • Doctors and nurses working tirelessly to save lives need your support now.
  • Every minute and every single penny count.
The Israeli occupation has led to widespread human rights abuses, including arbitrary detention, torture, and extrajudicial killings. Palestinians are also subject to discrimination in all areas of life, including employment, education, and housing.

The current situation in Palestine is characterized by a lack of hope and despair. Many Palestinians feel that they are trapped in a cycle of violence and occupation. The Israeli occupation has had a devastating impact on the lives of Palestinians, and there is no end to the occupation in sight.

Transparent Soul has been providing humanitarian aid to this region since 2021. Our local team in Palestine is working tirelessly in coordination with our global TS partners to support innocent and injured civilians in Palestine.
Tens of thousands of families are facing devastating and traumatic violence and urgently need help to access food, healthcare, and medical supplies.


$20: Provide a family hygiene kit

$50: Provide a food parcel to last a family for one month.

$40: Provide medical treatment for one person.

$50 pm/420 pa -Sponsor a Palestinian child

Help us continue this vital life-saving work in the darkest of days. Donate now and help us ease the suffering in the holy land. Donate today and make a lasting impact to ease suffering in the holy land.

Empowering Palestine for three decades

For 3 years, we have been on the ground in Palestine, tirelessly working to uplift communities. Our local staff intimately understand the needs, protocols, and emergency response in the region. This allows us to procure top-quality supplies at affordable prices, maximizing the impact of your generous donations.

By contributing to Palestine through Human Appeal, you empower skilled local staff to assist the most vulnerable, backed by our experienced protection and emergency teams.

In the previous year, we supported 13,615 people in Palestine through vital projects in food security, healthcare, water, and sanitation. Your support has impacted the lives of over 21,941 individuals across Palestine since 2020.

Together, let's continue our journey of empowerment and make a lasting difference in Palestine. Your generosity matters now more than ever.