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This is a fundraising to be able to pay for the best medical option, umbilical stem cells treatment, to repair Vince’s damaged two lumbar discs.

Vince was injured at work in March 2010, but despite being covered under the workers compensation system, Vince is unable to work and unable to get any compensation because the various Governments have over the years, eroded injured workers rights to the point that someone like Vince, who can no longer work and provide his family, cannot even claim any compensation…while if Vince did injured himself anywhere else outside work, he could have rights to compensation!

The new “modified common laws” are unfair and leave Vince (and many other australians) with no other option than fundraising for the best treatment available. Vince was proposed the best treatment ,available in Australia,by the best neurosurgeon (double fusion or one level fusion and a disc replacement on the other level) unfortunately this option is barbaric and may well not improve the injury but could well also make it worse…and anyway the employer’s insurer doesn’t want to authorise it!

so the stem cell is the best option.
The injury occured less than two weeks before Vince’s marriage first anniversary and destroyed all their dreams… despite his injury, and after contemplating IVF, Vince and his wife have had a gorgeous little girl on the 16 of March 2013…unfortunately Vince has issues carrying his little girl who only weight 5 kgs…and vince is extremely concern he won’t be able to be a father to his little girl because carrying her will create so much pain he may actually drop her as Vince random pain are so painfull and debilitating.

Vince has to swallow his pride to make this appeal, so please help him to achieve his dream, help him to restore his quality of life as presently Vince spend most of his days on a recliner unless he has a good day, which then allow him to drive short distances to the local shops/doctor…or if he want to accompany his wife to weekly shopping he will take lots of extra medications which will control the initial outburst of pain but will then mean he will spend the rest of the day of his bed / recliner in pain.

The stem cells treatment will be a changing event and will help restore Vince’s life….so please donate generously, he need you…and please forward this website link to your friend, family,co-workers etc….

Thank you to all of you.

Kind Regards

PS: The treatment will occur at one of the best stem cells center in the world, the Guangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicines stem cells centre in China.

– How many injections will be needed:
At least 9 in each disc, so 18 in total cost US$54,000 ,(plus cost of travelling and accommodation etc …US$ 10,000) – grand total of US$64,000 if going alone  and about US$100,000 if going with wife + kids( my 15 yo daughter + new born)  to pay rent, 3 dogs + 1 rabbit kennel accommodation/feed costs etc..while away as well as for counting wife loss of income.

– How much stem cells will be injected in each injection?
No fewer than 300 million per packet.

– Since I haven’t performed such treatment before what are the odds of full recovery or partial recovery?
There is absolutely no way to estimate what any one patient’s improvements will be.  Partial recovery is possible & likely; full recovery (100% regeneration of the two discs)is not a reasonable expectation for any type of condition they treat.  they have treated a great deal of SCI and that condition responds fairly well to stem cell treatment, with roughly 70% of their patients experiencing improvements.