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Everything You Need to Make a Powerful Fundraising Video

Everything You Need to Make a Powerful Fundraising Video

Leveraging video in your fundraising journey is one of the most powerful ways you can use to make an emotional connection with potential donors, heighten awareness of your cause, and boost donations. Whether you use the Transparent Soul app’s new record a video feature to start your fundraiser, or create a video to use in a fundraiser update for your existing fundraiser, a video can touch the hearts of your supporters and tell your story in a way images simply can’t.

Update your fundraiser with video

Adding a fundraiser update is a great way to keep momentum and keep potential and existing donors engaged with your fundraiser, and the update can be even more impactful by using video. You don’t need a production company to create a meaningful video, grab your phone or digital camera and start speaking from the heart.

Ideas for how to use video for your fundraiser update

  • Record a short, selfie-style video introducing yourself and why you are fundraising to help donors understand the cause.
  • Post a video tribute in honor of the person you are fundraising for.
  • Celebrate reaching a fundraising milestone. For example: Halfway to your goal or one week away from a related event or date.
  • Introduce or interview someone who’s important to your fundraising journey.
  • Visually showcase your fundraising progress and your donors’ impact. For example: Hold up a sign in your video that shows what % of your goal you have reached.

Get inspired by this fundraiser video example:

Chelsea is singer, actress, and dancer in New York City. During the pandemic, she went into teaching full-time to supplement her income, but she is now ready to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway. She started a fundraiser to raise money for new headshots and to attend dance and theatre classes. For her Transparent Soul, she used video to introduce herself and explain how donations will help her as she enters the next audition season.


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